Art. 44 Regional Integration Organizations

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This chapter examines Article 44 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). For decades, international organizations have been permitted to become parties to certain multilateral treaties. No human rights treaty, however, had done the same until the CRPD, which in its Articles 42 and 43 for the first time provided such opportunities to ‘regional integration organizations’ (RIOs). The inclusion of a RIO clause in the CRPD allows international organizations for the first time to consent to be bound by a treaty in the area of human rights. Article 44 defines a RIO; clarifies that RIOs are to be considered ‘states parties’ for purposes of the Convention within the limits of their competence, excludes a RIO’s accession from having any consequence under the entry into force provisions of Articles 45 and 47; and establishes voting rules in the Conference of States Parties for RIOs and any of their member states that are also Convention parties.


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