Positionality, Intersectionality, Power Dynamics in Community Participatory Research to Define Public Safety in Black Communities

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Community-based participatory research (CBPR) is necessary for shifting knowledge and empowering community members to establish ownership over research. It was used in this current project to study safety in predominately Black communities. Findings illustrate how the embodiment of power was a present theme and impacted the partnerships among the academics and community, as well as defining “who” could speak on the issues the project was attempting to address. This paper builds upon previous research in CBPR findings to illustrate how community leaders can shape the research, the importance of defining community, and the need to bring to the forefront issues of intersectionality and positionality. In doing so, it attempts to reshape existing CBPR models to better account for the fluid, interactive relationships among the academics, community researchers, and the community leader and expand upon the role of intersectionality in these relationships.


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