Immigration and Human Rights Law Review


Immigrants have long seen the southern border of the United States as the last stop before they are able to enter the land of the free. The Department of Homeland Security, however, strives to make the southern border as inhospitable as possible to those hoping to cross. The Migrant Protect Protocols is the latest attempt from Washington to block access to the United States to immigrants who are detained by forcibly returning them to Mexico to await their deportation proceedings. While Americans have read stories of families being torn apart at the border or listened to interviews of politicians promising immigration reform, the average American has not had time to keep up with the constantly evolving immigration policies being enforced along the Mexican-American border, or how the chaos of the legal landscape continues to dehumanize immigrants and decimate their ability to enter the United States. In this essay I hope to explain the Migrant Protection Protocols – as well as American immigration and asylum law in general – in detail before discussing its utilization by both the Trump and Biden administrations is scrutinized. To wrap up the piece of the real-world impact of the ongoing legal litigation, as well as the COVID-19 pandemic, on immigrants seeking entry into the United States will be shown.