University of Cincinnati Law Review

About This Journal

The University of Cincinnati Law Review was founded more than eighty years ago. Volume I, Issue 1 bears a January 1927 publication date.

The Law Review is a quarterly publication produced by second and third-year law students. A general-interest law journal that publishes on a wide variety of topics, the Law Review is the pre-eminent academic journal at the University of Cincinnati. Lead articles from scholars and academics at the top of their fields are published in each issue, along with five student-generated comments or casenotes.

Each year, approximately thirty students are invited to join the Law Review as Associate Members, based on a combination of their GPA and their scores from a write-on competition. Additionally, third-year editors are elected to manage the journal’s publication.

Authors who have contributed to the Law Review in the past include Justices Antonin Scalia and Sandra Day O’Connor.

For more information about joining the Law Review or publishing an article with us, please contact us here.